As an independant filmmaker, my work have been dedicated to translate the ideas from other people onto the screen.

My studies have blended arts and sciences before a Master of Cinema from the Louis Lumière school with the jury'congratulations.

After the adaptation of Jean-Paul Sartre and Jack Kerouac short stories, I have worked on the boundaries between fiction and documentary, classical and experimental forms, real-world shooting and animation.

These productions were made possible thanks to the support of Sancho & Cie, Acronyme Films, the CNC and the région Occitanie.

These works have been played in France, between Paris, Pantin, Toulouse, Montpellier, Quiberon, Lasalle or Cannes, but also at Nassau (U.S.A.), Saint Petersburg (Russia) and Noida (India).

Transmitting my knowledge also concerns me deeply. I have been involved in several film workshops, thanks to the support of the Seine-Saint-Denis department, the associations Visages & Paysages & Citoyenneté Jeunesse, the Garde-Chasse theater

On top of that, I have teached several times about the film and video technique.

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