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Citation2 juillet 2017

The gestation period could be months, or even years, and the idea of writing fast is to keep from writing as long as possible, so that it just endures time and obstacles. By the time it comes out, it comes out almost fully formed. Then you write in approximately a time frame that’s like viewing a movie. You can sort of feel the experience as you’re living it, it doesn’t get attenuated, it doesn’t get threshed out. But I’m also of the school of I’m not going to write unless I know what I’m going to write. I pretty much know what’s going to happen on page seventy-five before I sit down and write.

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Infographie1 décembre 2014

Une infographie réussie en ce lundi qui nous vient du groupe d’hôtels de luxe Raffles : avec force chiffres et statistiques issues de très sérieuses institutions comme le CNC, le Festival de Cannes ou Wikipedia ils ont résumé l’histoire du cinéma français depuis sa création.

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